Construction Industry

Construction companies and Real Estate Developers require a unique approach to accounting. To manage costs specific to a build, we projectize your accounting so your able to encapsulate your costs to a specific project.  This provides firms the ability to review profitable and non-profitable projects.

Our experience with project accounting and auditing provides you the edge needed to ensure your projects are on budget.

Project Based Accounting

We provide you qualified, seasoned bookkeepers and accounting professionals. If you are an established business we can help augment or replace your in-house staff to reduce costs. Our accounting and bookkeeping services are aimed at providing construction companies project and company profitability.

Sub-Contractor & Vendor Management

We understand the complexities of managing vendors and sub-contractors. We work with you to ensure cash flow analysis are performed prior to payments.  We also provide detailed analysis of past, current and future invoices to better understand your project.

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